Strengthening Ties with Education: Diya Visits Zhytomyr Polytechnic Zhytomyr State Technological University

We are thrilled to share an exciting update from our recent visit to Zhytomyr Polytechnic on March 20th, where Anatoliy Dobrynskyy, our CEO and Co-Founder, engaged with the bright minds of tomorrow.


At Diya, fostering strong relationships with academic institutions is a priority and a commitment. Our collaboration with Zhytomyr Polytechnic spans a significant period, marked by a shared vision of empowering students for the evolving landscape of the IT industry.


During his visit, Anatoliy had the privilege of presenting a glimpse into our company’s journey, outlining our core services and shedding light on potential career trajectories in IT Operations, Web Development, and Cybersecurity. The session provided invaluable insights into the dynamic field of technology and its myriad opportunities for career growth and personal development.


The event’s highlight was the engaging Q&A session, during which students delved into topics ranging from job vacancies to training opportunities and working conditions. It was heartening to witness the industry’s future leaders’ active participation and genuine curiosity.


Reflecting on this enriching experience, we thank Zhytomyr Polytechnic for their unwavering support and collaborative spirit. Our journey together has been marked by mutual learning and growth, and we are excited about the prospect of further strengthening our partnership.


Looking ahead, we are committed to continuing our efforts to nurture talent, provide meaningful career opportunities, and contribute to the advancement of education at Zhytomyr Polytechnic. Together, we aspire to shape a brighter future for our company and the aspiring professionals who enter its doors.


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