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Unlock Productivity with Microsoft365 Solutions

Microsoft365 migrations and support, License provisioning and management, MS365 products support: Teams, Sharepoint, Outlook, etc.

Proven expertise in Microsoft 365 implementation and support

Customized solutions to align with your unique business requirements

Dedicated support team ensuring prompt assistance and issue resolution

Key Benefits of Microsoft 365

Productivity Enhancement


Leverage the full suite of Microsoft Office applications for seamless document creation, collaboration, and communication.

Collaboration & Communication

Collaboration & Communication

Foster teamwork with tools like Teams, enabling real-time collaboration and efficient communication within your organization.

Cloud Efficiency

Cloud Efficiency

Embrace the power of the cloud with secure and scalable solutions for data storage, sharing, and accessibility from anywhere.

Security & Compliance

Security &

Safeguard your data with advanced security features, multi-factor authentication, and compliance tools to meet industry regulations.

Key Benefits of Microsoft 365

License Provisioning & Optimization

Streamline your Microsoft 365 licensing with ourexpert provisioning services. We help you assess, acquire, and optimizelicenses for maximum cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency.

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Expert guidance in implementing Microsoft365 tailored to your business needs, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption.

Ongoing Support

24/7 support to address any issues, updates, or queries, ensuring your Microsoft 365 environment remains optimized and secure.

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Training & Adoption

Comprehensive training programs to empower your team, driving effective adoption and maximizing the benefits of Microsoft365.

Why Choose Diya for Microsoft 365?

Proven expertise in Microsoft 365implementation and support

Customized solutions to align with your unique business requirements

Dedicated support team ensuring prompt assistance and issue resolution

Case Studies

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Our valued client, a dynamic management consulting company, partnered with Diya to
revolutionize their daily operations through Microsoft 365. At the onset, they had just
over 10 employees and aspired to enhance their business capabilities.



Facing the need for streamlined communication, enhanced collaboration, and efficient
project management, our client sought a comprehensive solution to foster growth and
adaptability in their expanding team.


Our Solution:

Diya embarked on a journey with the client, meticulously implementing and customizing
Microsoft 365 solutions tailored to their unique requirements. Key components included:

  • Seamless integration of Microsoft Teams, fostering real-time communication,
    collaboration, and project management.
  • Robust implementation of SharePoint for centralized document storage, version
    control, and easy accessibility.
  • Customized integration ofMicrosoft Booking for streamlined appointment scheduling
    and efficient resource utilization.
  • Implementation of PowerAutomate to automate repetitive tasks, improving workflow
    efficiency and reducing manual workload.
  • Integration of MicrosoftPlanner for organized task tracking, enabling the team to
    plan, collaborate, and stay on top of project timelines.


A leading consulting company with over 50employees sought to optimize their payroll
processes and enhance financial transparency. Diya was enlisted to create a tailored
solution to streamline payroll calculations and provide employees with secure cloud-
based access to their financial information.



The client faced inefficiencies in manual payroll calculations, consuming valuable time
for the finance team.Additionally, employees lacked a centralized platform to access and
review their financial information, hindering transparency.


Our Solution:

Diya initiated a collaborative effort to transform payroll management:

  • Developed a robust payroll calculation system on SharePoint, automating salary
    calculations for each employee, saving the finance team up to 40 hours monthly.
  • Implemented individualized cabinets for each employee within SharePoint, ensuring
    secure storage of financial records and facilitating easy access.
  • Leveraged SharePoint's cloud capabilities, providing employees with secure access
    to their financial information anytime, anywhere, fostering transparency.


A prominent legal advisory company specializing in project-based work frequently
employing contractors. The company faced manual challenges in their hiring processes
for onboarding and offboarding contractors.



The manual onboarding and offboarding processes were time-consuming, prone to
errors, and often struggled to meet tight deadlines, impacting the overall efficiency of
the legal advisory company.


Our Solution:

Diya collaborated with the legal advisory firm to bring about a transformative change in
their contractor management processes, resulting in an average monthly saving of
approximately 20 hours of manual work:

  • Automated Onboarding and Offboarding
  • Process Tracking with MicrosoftPlanner
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Transform your business
with the unparalleled capabilities of Microsoft 365.

Partner with Diya for a seamless journey towards enhanced productivity, collaboration, and security.

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