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Enhancing Business Resilience:
Comprehensive IT Audit Solutions with a Focus on Microsoft 365 Optimization.


Specialized IT Audit services that go beyond identifying vulnerabilities streamlining your business processes to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Our team brings a deep understanding of Microsoft 365 coupled with extensive experience in optimizing business processes.

Identifying unused licenses to ensure you're only paying for what you need

We don't just audit for security – we optimize your Microsoft 365 environment for overall business efficiency

Key Benefits of Diya IT Audit

License Optimization

License Optimization

Reviewing email accounts, groups, and shared mailboxes to identify unused licenses, leading to potential cost savings.

Microsoft 365 Best Practices

Microsoft 365 Best Practices

Providing tailored consultations on optimal Microsoft 365 usage and recommending best practices for heightened productivity

Efficiency Gains

Efficiency Gains

Uncover points of improvement within your Microsoft 365 instance, streamlining business processes for enhanced efficiency

Proactive Risk Mitigation

Proactive Risk Mitigation

Identify and address potential threats and inefficiencies before they impact your business

Our IT Audit Services

License Utilization Review

Identifying unused or underutilized licenses to optimize costs

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Microsoft 365 Best Practices Consultation

Tailored recommendations to enhance collaboration, communication, and workflow within Microsoft 365

Efficiency Assessment

Analyzing your Microsoft 365 instance for areas of improvement in business processes

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Security and Compliance Check

Ensuring your Microsoft 365 environment aligns with security standards and regulatory requirements

Case Studies

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Background and Challenges:


Our client, a prominent logistics company in the USA with over 40 employees, sought to
enhance the efficiency of their IT infrastructure while ensuring robust security
measures. They were grappling with inefficient distribution lists, underutilized shared
mailboxes, and unnecessary licenses, hindering productivity and cost-effectiveness.
Additionally, their security practices needed improvement to align with the evolving
threat landscape.


Our Approach:


Our team at Diya conducted a comprehensive IT audit, focusing on their Microsoft 365
environment. The key objectives included optimizing license usage, streamlining
collaboration tools, and bolstering overall security.


Key Actions Taken:


  • License Optimization: Identified and removed over 10 unused licenses, resulting in
    significant cost savings for the client.
  • Distribution List and Mailbox Review: Streamlined communication by removing over 20
    distribution lists and 15 shared mailboxes, improving efficiency.
  • Security Enhancement: Microsoft best practices were applied to boost the
    company's security score, ensuring a resilient defense against potential threats.
  • Collaboration Tools Implementation: Introduced Microsoft Planner and Microsoft
    Teams for internal collaboration, fostering seamless communication and project
  • Workstation Integration: All workstations joined the corporate domain, enabling
    centralized management and control.
  • Antivirus Deployment: Ensured the security of all workstations by enabling and
    configuring antivirus software.
  • Password Management: Transitioned all system passwords to a corporate password
    manager, enhancing security and access control.
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Ready to unlock the full potential of your Microsoft 365 environment? Contact us today for a personalized IT Audit that enhances security and optimizes your business processes.

At Diya, we go beyond traditional IT audits. Our focus on Microsoft 365 optimization ensures your business operates at peak efficiency while maintaining robust security.


Partner with us to elevate your digital infrastructure and drive sustainable success in the ever-evolving business landscape.

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